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Blissful Healing Apothecary creates handcrafted "lotions and potions" with love and goodness from the Earth.

These creams, healing salves, oils and bath melts are made from organic ingredients, many grown by Teal on her farm,
River Song Mountain Sanctuary. Soon we will be offering herbal tinctures and elixirs.

They are designed to bring deep nourishment to your body and soul, without any chemicals.

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Fall and Winter Offerings 2013-2014
All of my products are made with organic ingredients, many grown in my own garden. They are made in small batches and with great love. Everything is non-scented, unless stated otherwise.

Once your order is placed, you can send a check, pay with PayPal, or call me and I can take your credit card over the phone. You can also purchase gift certificates so that your loved ones can make their own selections.
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Blissful Face Cream:  $22 (2 oz) and $44 (4 oz)
     This cream is INTENSE! You only need a little, and it will not only deeply moisturize and protect your face from the elements, it will heal and strengthen the tissue. A blend of comfrey infused coconut and olive oil, shea butter, avocado oil, kukui nut oil, sweet almond oil, rose hip oil, sea buckthorn oil and Vitamin E oil.

Blissful Massage Bars/Bath Melts: $24 (4 oz in metal gift tin) SCENTED: lavender.
     This rich blend of olive oil, coconut oil and bees wax is molded into the shape of a sweet flower and can be used as a massage bar, or you can break off little bits and use them as a heavenly bath melt. As a massage/moisturizing bar these last a long time.

Blissful Healing for Muscles and Tendons. $15 (2 oz) and $30 (4 oz) SCENTED: eucalyptus and peppermint.
     This balm made with olive oil infused with comfrey, bees wax and essential oils penetrates deeply to heal at the cellular level. Comfrey is an amazing healer, hence its knickname "knit bone." I developed this one to help myself and my family members survive all of our sports injuries! 

Blissful Gentle Balm $15 (2 oz) and $30 (4 oz)
     This balm features olive oil infused with plantain, jewelweed and comfrey, and bees wax. This is the perfect healer for babies' bottoms, chapped lips, cuts and scrapes...anything "itchy or owie."

Blissful Body Cream $12 (2 oz) and $24 (4 oz)
     This rich body cream with coconut oil and shea butter is deep nourishment for your skin. It will leave you feeling petal soft and well protected from the elements.