Blissful Body Yoga

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Group Class Formats

NOTE: Teal is not currently offering a group class schedule, but she would love to do a class, or series of classes, for your group. For more information email Teal.

Sample Group Formats
Blissful Mix Yoga: this mixture of Vinyasa yoga's flowing postures and breathing together with longer holds of individual postures to learn proper alignment, will help you develop strength, stamina and grace. This class is more intermediate, but may still be appropriate for some pregnant women depending on their fitness level and experience. Students brand new to yoga should attend private lessons and/or the Deep Stretch class before taking this class.

Blissful Deep Stretch Yoga: this class focuses on stress relief and a deep release of the muscles and soft tissues. Deep breathing is used in conjunction with long, deep holds of yoga asanas (postures) and supportive restorative postures. Additionally sometimes small "therapy balls" designed to open and release soft tissue are used. This class is appropriate for beginners and pregnant women.

Blissful Gentle Yoga: this is a gentle class that focuses on working beginner-level postures individually and restorative yoga postures. This is a perfect class for beginners, pregnant women, finely-aging yogis, and those coming back to yoga after injuries and illness.

Blissful Body Yoga Philosophy
Teal's teaching is influenced by her wide inquiry in yoga. She has studied traditions including Kripalu, Iyengar, Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Kundalini. Her life is her practice and an ever evolving adventure!

Blissful Body Yoga was developed in the spirit of Kripalu Yoga and is a conscious practice of physical yoga postures, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques for integrating body, mind and spirit. It is a non-dogmatic approach that views yoga as a lifelong journey of self-exploration.

Our "come as you are" approach invites students to practice the mindfulness technique Breathe, Relax, Feel, Watch, Allow (BRFWA).

Each Blissful Body Yoga Class includes:

Centering: to quiet mind and come back to a place of deep inner peace.

Pranayama: breathing exercises to increase the flow of prana (life force).

Pratapana: to warm and energize the body; get your prana flowing!

Asana: to strengthen and stretch the body, and focus the mind.

Sivasana (Relaxation): time for physical, mental and spiritual integration.

Meditation: to quiet the modifications (fluctuations and distractions) of the restless mind, making room for steadiness and intuition.