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How to Register for Our Workshops
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3. Come to your workshop and enjoy!

PLEASE NOTE: The Sun Horse, Moon Horse workshop in April with Jude Lally of Celtic Soul Craft, is held at Blissful Body Yoga, but all registration and payments should be done directly through her site.


Embracing Vitality: Spring Yoga and Natural Medicine Making Workshop

Saturday, 26 April, 2014: 10 AM- 5:30 PM
Come celebrate spring and the galloping energy of the Year of the Horse with a full-day workshop of yoga and natural medicine making.

10 AM-12 PM: Opening Circle and Sun Horse Practice, this flowing practice will invigorate and detoxify your body, bring clarity to your mind and bliss to your heart.
12-1 PM: a homemade, light and nourishing lunch and tea will be served.
1-3 PM: Introduction to healing with herbs: learn the wise woman method for making infusions, decoctions and tinctures (alcohol extractions) from fresh and dried medicinal herbs. Weather permitting we will also go on a short garden walk so that you can meet some plant friends and we can harvest some fresh materials.
Tea Break
3:30-5 PM: Moon Horse Practice, this practice will focus on gentle restorative postures, floor work with long, yin holds, guided meditation and a long sivasana.
5-5:30 PM Closing Circle

Cost: $70. Includes full day workshop, lunch and tea, and a 1 oz herbal tincture to take home.
Space is limited to 8 people, so you must pre-register. Your non-refundable deposit of $35 is due by April 1 to secure your spot. (If the class is cancelled for some reason, deposits will be refunded.)
Accommodations: my home studio is located only a one-mile walk from the center of downtown Asheville and there are MANY hotels and bed and breakfasts within a couple blocks. I am happy to help you find a great place to stay that meets your budget.

Sun Horse, Moon Horse
A day of exploring horse energy
Presented by artist and teacher of celtic wisdom, Jude Lally, of Celtic Soul Craft, with a yoga offering from Teal Chimblo Fyrberg.
Sunday 27th April, 2014. Location: Blissful Body Yoga, North Asheville. 10.30 – 5.30. Cost $55. 
With 2014 being the year of the horse I offer you a day to explore horse energy. A day to hear stories about wonderful mythical horses, to explore the shamanic essence of horse and create your own piece of sacred art inspired by horse.
We’ll hear stories from myth and legend, from the Celtic kelpie to the Choctaw wind horse as well as the Celtic horse goddess Epona. We’ll explore the shamanic symbolism of horse through cave art horse drawings, the white horse of Uffington, but ultimately our own personal experience of horse will be explored as we travel with her between the worlds.
We will present horse with offerings in simple ceremony. Teal of Blissful Body Yoga will lead us in a couple of yoga poses, such as Vatayanasana, a horse stance, which will allow us to ground deeply, pulling energy from the earth and sky.
In the afternoon we will create sacred art, possibly incorporating symbols and motifs that horse gave to us on our journey into a needle felt wall hanging.
We will end our day in circle, sharing our experiences.

For more information and to register visit Celtic Soul Craft.

These are workshops offered periodically and that you can schedule anytime for your group at Blissful Body Yoga, or at your site. Contact Teal to discuss your needs!

Yoga for Strength and Endurance
Spring is just around the corner! Come build functional strength and endurance for everything you do, with yoga!
This workshop will teach you how to:
— stoke the sacred fire to warm and ready your body for activity.
Build Strength and Endurance — develop flexible, balanced strength in your body, and energy reserves that will see you through challenging activities and everyday life.
Rest and Rejuvenate — embrace constructive rest that will allow you to recover and be ready to come back to your activities joyful and refreshed.
COST: $20 per person

Into the Mystic
Journey into the Mystery with Yoga
Come discover where a deep practice can lead you.
This gentle, meditative workshop will include:
Deep, long holds of asanas (postures),
Balancing pranayamas (breathing exercises),
Mystical mantras and mudras, and
Guided meditation.
Join us for a journey that will help you unlock greater clarity on your path, and a deeper bond between yourself and the Mystery.
COST: $20 per person
Teal's workshops and retreats focus on deep nourishment of the body and soul through yoga, meditation, art, cooking, energy medicine techniques, and plant-based medicine making. They are rejuvenating, inspiring and FUN!

If you would like Teal to do a workshop on a particular topic for your group, just
contact her.