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Blissful Life Coaching
Sessions available in Asheville, NC and remotely via Skype and FaceTime.

Are you ready?

Ready to become the person you have always wanted to be?
Ready to leave behind "old stories" and past patterns?
Ready to engage life with mindfulness, optimism and joy?
Ready to heal your body, mind and spirit?
Ready to find your Soul Purpose?

Then you are ready for the dynamic process of
Blissful Life Coaching Programs.

What is Blissful Life Coaching?
These holistic programs help you to join your own proactive energy with the ancient, alchemical technologies of yoga, energy medicine and other nourishing wellness practices.

The work begins with your desires for your life and goes deep, addressing every area of your life from physical health, to mental habits and spiritual fulfillment.

What does a Blissful Life Coach do?
She co-creates a healthy, nonjudgmental, healing space for you to do the work of your Soul Purpose. She helps you to gain clarity, heal old wounds, discover and focus on new directions. She assists you in determining what you want and need, and how to get it. Your life coach also provides accountability and helps you stay on track.

How does it work?
Programs are one-on-one and may be done with Teal in her beautiful Asheville, North Carolina studio, or remotely via Skype and phone sessions. Sessions are one hour. For more information or to book your first session email Teal.

How much does it cost?

Option One (recommended)
The six session package is $450 and includes a full assessment session and five additional sessions. (This package saves you $50 off regular pricing.) Each session is one hour. Full assessment sessions include a follow-up email with a written outline of the student's program goals and strategies.

Option Two
The two session package is $200 and includes a full assessment session and one additional session. Each session is one hour.

Option Three
One full assessment session $125.

Option Four (only available to students who have completed a full assessment session)
Single yoga life coaching session, $75
The privilege of
a lifetime is being who you are.

— Joseph Campbell

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. – Lao-tzu